Outstanding R&D Talent for High Growth and High Impact Companies.


At TruePositive, we specialise in connecting visionary companies with exceptional talent in some of the most dynamic and impactful areas of technology and science today. Our deep expertise spans across the following areas.

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Quantitative Biology

  • Bioinformatics

  • Computational Biology

  • Quantitative Genetics

  • Systems Biology

  • Biostatistics 

Sustainable Technology

From renewable energy experts to environmental engineers, we match leading-edge companies with professionals who are dedicated to innovation in sustainability.  

AI/ML and Data

We source talent capable of leveraging AI and ML to solve real-world problems, optimize operations, and innovate products and services across various industries. 

Digital Health

The intersection of technology and healthcare has never been more important. Our expertise in Digital Health recruitment encompasses a wide range of roles, from telehealth innovators to digital therapeutic pioneers.

Tell Your Story, Attract Exceptional Talent


Recruitment has evolved. In an era where candidates are overwhelmed with options, your message needs to cut through the clutter. A powerful, authentic story isn’t just heard; it’s felt. Make candidates feel they are essential to your mission, compelling them to choose you

Beyond LinkedIn: Discovering Research Excellence


While LinkedIn is a powerful starting point, our unique talent identification process sets us apart. We combine advanced analytics, deep industry connections, and a nuanced understanding of research excellence to find not just any candidate, but your next superstar. Let's unveil the future leaders in your field


We helped Eikon Therapeutics hire multiple roles at their Hayward, CA location, including DevOps Engineers and several Program Managers.


We're particularly proud of the job we did for Enveda Biosciences where we helped them hire a Senior DevOps Manager which included a relocation to Boulder, CO.


Indivumed worked with us to hire three Software Engineers and two Bioinformatics Scientists to work at their Hamburg, Germany office. This project also included a campaign that included relocation.

Biomodal (formerly Cambridge Epigenetix) worked with us to help them through an exciting growth phase. We helped them hire very specialised Software Engineers, Computational Biologists and Bioinformatics Scientists.

Solving problems is our job. Centogene needed to hire an AI/Knowledge Graph project manager with a strong research background. 
We found them, we also helped them to relocate.

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